Smart Relay 16A DIN

Remote power control for clusters of devices and wireless stream of consumption data. Designed for DIN mounting.


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Smart Relay 16A DIN


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Precision meter (Class 2) KWh

Instant control from anywhere

Phase dropout alarm

Remote power control designed for DIN mounting

The Zigbee based on/off relay for DIN rail mounting enables to switch equipment on and off remotely, from a smartphone.

The relay consists of a DIN rail unit with a built-in relay, and it communicates with a gateway. With this relay, the user is capable of configuring his home appliances in clusters and control a whole group of units instead of controlling each device separately.


Smart Relay 16A DIN

Power Shortage icon white

Phase dropout alarm

Remote load switch

16 A continuous load

Installation on DIN Rail

  • Dimensions (L x H X P)

    90 x 58 x 17.5 mm
  • Color

    Light grey
  • Supply voltage

    230V +/- 10%, 50Hz
  • Power consumption

    0.4 W
  • IP class

  • Current range

    16 A
  • Max. switch voltage

    250 VAC
  • Accuracy

    Typ +/- 1%

The Smart Relay 16A DIN also includes built-in power metering functionality, which enables the user to monitor the power consumption of each group of appliances in a building, resulting in sharpened awareness of power waste and energy optimization. All data loggings are transmitted to a data concentrator.

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nearsens Smart Relay 16A DIN


Remotely switch On or Off your appliances

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Power consumption

Know at any time your live and total power consumption of your appliance

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Define cool scenarios with couple of clicks on your app

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One click and you appliance will turn off after time you define

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