Save energy won’t be a challenge anymore


Reduce your energy bills and the planet will give it back to you!


Optimizing our energy consumption remains a challenge when we are not aware of the devices that consume the most.

Every little bit can make a big difference in how we use electricity more responsibly. The app provides precise metrics on your consumption to help you optimize and reduce your bills in real time with minimal changes that don’t affect your habits.

Nearsens’ approach consists first of all in informing you of the energy consumption of your devices so that you can act, for example, by turning them off automatically.


Smart and Relax plugs for precise energy monitoring

The Smart Plug Mini is an intelligent remotely controlled adapter, monitors power consumption and enables the user to control electrical equipment remotely.

We recommend to use one smart plug for single device that do not always need to be switch on or even behind a multiple socket .

Smart cable for efficient automation

Smart Cable converts conventional power cables to a remotely controlled unit, which allows users to monitor their power consumption.

We recommend to use smart cable for appliances such as heating or air-conditioner.


Smart light bulbs for energy saving

With a smart bulb, the LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs. It helps lower your electric bill because dimming the lights saves energy.

We recommend to use smart bulb for your lights.

Nearsens devices recommended to protect your home and belongings

Smart Plug Mini


Smart Cable


Other optional but reassuring devices

Relax Smart Plug

Connect a Relax plug to your freezer to warn you of any malfunction



Or find out directly about the devices we recommend to secure your home

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