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How to reduce your electricity bill…


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Despite the many advantages that the purchase of an electric boiler can have, you should know that this device is rather energy-intensive. Indeed, its annual consumption reaches record levels, even for an electric boiler for small housing. On average, an electric boiler will consume more than 10,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year for a typical apartment, and it is estimated that an area of around 100m² is equivalent to an electricity consumption for heating of at least 15,000 kWh. This equates to more than €2,000 in annual electricity prices, just for heating your home.

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How to reduce your electricity bill…


Save energy

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Choose the right device

The level of consumption of your boiler largely depends on the environment in which it is installed. The good insulation of a home and the outside temperatures, but also the choice of the device installed and its power, are factors that will have a major impact on the consumption of a boiler.

A 20 kilowatt (kW) boiler consumes 20 kW of energy every hour (20 kWh). However, its annual consumption may be different. For example, an undersized appliance kicks in more often to maintain the desired temperature and therefore, consumes more energy. This is why it is important to adopt the right power in order to optimize consumption.

Control and know your consumption

There is no secret, in order to better manage the consumption of a boiler, it is necessary to control and know its consumption. Consumption depends on the fuel used and its price. Nearsens offers solutions to better manage your devices. The 16A DIN smart relay consists of a DIN rail unit with an integrated relay and communicates with a gateway. With this relay, the user is able to configure their household appliances in clusters and control a whole group of units instead of controlling each appliance separately. The smart Relay 16A DIN also allows the user to monitor the electrical consumption of a device, thus allowing better control and optimization of energy consumption. No more boiler problems! The user can go on vacation serenely while remotely controlling his boiler.

How to reduce your electricity bill...

Control your devices from our mobile app! Nearsens offers the possibility of remotely switching off or on the device connected to the Smart relay 16A DIN but also to know and monitor its consumption in real time! A considerable advantage that simplifies daily life! Going on vacation with peace of mind while saving energy is now possible.



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