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Smart Cable

The Smart Cable monitors the power consumption as well as enables the user to control electrical appliances by switching it on or off remotely. Does not work without the Nearsens Gateway


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Nearsens Siren icon black

Smart Cable


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Remotely controlled

Instantly turn any device on and off from anywhere

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Accurate Power metering

Power meter providing precise cumulated and instantaneous measurement

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Auto OFF

Can be programmed to automatically switch OFF after a defined time

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Remote control and power measurement

Smart Cable converts conventional power cables to a remotely controlled unit, which allows users to monitor their power consumption. The Smart Cable enables the user to control plugged-in electrical devices, with the option to switch electrical equipment on or off.

The Smart Cable can be used where there is no space for a smart plug or where a higher load (up to 16 Amp) is required.

*Please note, in very few countries, installation of the Smart Cable has to be done by a professional electrician according to law.

Power Meter and Range Extender

Flexible and smart white icon

Flexible and smart

The Smart Cable can be used where there is no space for a smart plug

Precision metering icon white

Precision metering

Power metering allows high precision measurement

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Overload temperature protection icon white

Overload protection

Automatically switch off if the current load or the internal temperature gets too high

Power Shortage icon white

Power shortage alarm

Alarm in case of lack of power consumption or power supply

  • Dimensions (L x H X P)

    108 x 36 x24 mm
  • Range

    Max 100 meters (outdoor)
  • Colors

  • Power meter

    Resolution 1W
  • Communication

    Zigbee 1.2 HA certified
  • Remote control

    Max load 16 A
  • Environment

    0 to 50 °C, IP40
  • Power supply

    230 V AC

Visualize and Save energy

From consumer perspective, we can categorize Energy in 2 simple categories: the visible energy such as light, television… and the non-visible energy such as heating or cooling. The biggest energy consumption contributor is the heating and most of the people do not know about it.

The Smart Cable will able to help you visualize the contribution of portable heating or air-conditioning. Any equipment can be converted into a smart equipment allowing you to save precious energy and reduce your energy bill by about 30% in average.


Inside view of a modern style living room with large window shwing a lake outside

You can install the Smart Cable at your home to control your electrical heating or even at the office to keep full control of your electricity bill. You can define scenarios to activate energy saving mode over the week-end by reducing the temperature of a few degrees and even increase the temperature again before arriving at the office.

Create as many scenario or groups as you wish to allow you to optimize your energy consumption at your finger tips.

White smartphone displaying Nearsens app with focus on the living room lights tile

On / Off

Remotely switch On or Off your appliances or lights

Nearsens app scenarios white icon


Define cool scenarios with couple of clicks on your app

Nearsens app power consumption white icon

Power consumption

Know at any time your live and total power consumption of your appliance

Nearsens app timer white icon


One click and you appliance will turn off after time you define

What is possible to do with this device

The Products

nearsens smart plug

Smart Plug Mini

PLUGGED – Easy to install


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nearsens relax smart plug

Relax Smart Plug

PLUGGED – Easy to install


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nearsens serrure intelligente cylindre

Smart Lock + Cylinder

100% WIRELESS – Easy to install


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