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Protect your garage


Save energy

Daily Comfort

Even isolated with no internet access in your garage you can still protect it against intrusion. You will be informed if anyone opens your garage door which is helpful even it is a burglary but simply your family member being back home.

Just arm the alarm once you close your garage door the system will take care of everything.

A car in front of a garage gate waiting for the sliding gate door to open

Protect your garage


Save energy

Daily Comfort

Garage door black Icon

Door open

Anyone opening door, you will be informed

Embedded Siren black Icon

Siren alert

It will make burglar run away

LTE internet Icon black


No need to have internet access in your garage

Collection luxuary red car

Classic cars in your garage

Weather you bring a newly purchased vintage car home or just taking your baby out for a drive, you should know that your classic car might be a target for car thieves. They know exactly how to take advantage of your absence to open your garage door and take your car in just few minutes.

Race car and your passion

Storing your valuable race car for long time in your garage needs a careful protection besides very expensive insurance. Make sure you give no chance to thieves.

racing car side view
Mercedes race convertible in bright gray fron view



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