IO Module

With the IO Module, you can connect wired devices to a network, allowing your devices to communicate and receive information wirelessly. Does not work without the Nearsens Gateway


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IO Module


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From wired to wireless

Instantly turn any device on and off from anywhere

4 inputs with IAS

Inputs can be configured as Integrated Alarm System

2 NC/NO outputs

Control and configure up to 2 separated outputs separately

Bringing your wired devices online

The IO Module can be connected to a wide range of devices. For instance, the IO Module can be connected to a heat pump and activate it when other appliances in the building do not require as much electricity. Connected to an access system, the IO Module enables wireless control of automatic doors, windows blinds.

Additionally, each input can also be configured as an IAS alarm to bridge wired alarm systems and sensors into the Zigbee network.

The small size of the module allows you to improve the mobility, scalability of your wired devices and is the optimal tool for keeping all your devices connected.

From wired to wireless and Range Extender

Very small size

The module can be fitted into a wide variety of places according to your needs

Four digital inputs

4 contact inputs which can be configured individually as well as IAS alarm

Two relay outputs

2 NO or NC outputs which can be configured individually

On/Off or Pulse

The 2 outputs can be configured either as On/Off or Pulse mechanism

  • Dimensions (L x H X P)

    45 x 45 x 16 mm
  • Colors

  • Communication

    Zigbee 3.0 certified
  • Environment

    0 to 50 °C, IP20
  • Range

    Maximum 100 meters (outdoor)
  • Output

    2 pcs NO/NC - On/Off or Pulse (Max: 30V, 1A)
  • Input

    4 pcs contact (potential free switch or relay) NO/NC
  • Power supply

    5 - 28 VDC or uUSB (e.g. power bank)

Numerous option for uses

The digital IO Module integrates wired devices into wireless Zigbee networks. Providing four inputs and two outputs, the IO Module works as a bridge of reliable communication between wired devices and a control system over Zigbee networks.

Devices connected to the input will trigger events, and devices connected to the output will respond to events.

It can be connected to a wide range of devices. An example could be to connect a heat pump to the network through the IO Module so you can control the heat pump and make it consume energy when other appliances in the building do not require electricity.

Also, the module can be used to connect an access system to a network, so that automatic doors can be connected to and controlled through a gateway.

The module has a convenient, compact size, as it is designed to fit in a small box, for instance, it fits behind an electricity outlet. The inputs can be configured as IAS alarm inputs, bridging wired alarm systems/sensors into the Zigbee network.

In Nearsens app

On/Off or Open/Close

Customize App buttons as needed depending on the device to control

Nearsens app scenarios white icon


Interact with other devices to create automation

4 configurable inputs

Connect up to 4 fully configurable inputs (3 regulars and 1 alarm input)

2 configurables outputs

Control up to 2 NO or NC standalone outputs or in reaction of any input triggered

What is possible to do with this device

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