Reinventing Alarm & Home Automation

Simpler. More scalable. More complete.
A real system fast to install and easy to use.
As simple as that.

Simple. Flexible. Efficient.

The founders


Photo of Cyril Vannier

Cyril Vannier


Though my 20-year international career in the field of high technology has been enriching, both professionally and culturally, I have always felt the need to put my family at the centre of my concerns.

Who has never worried about whether a parent is safe at home or whether a child has made it safely home from school?

It was in trying to respond to these concerns that Nearsens was born. First and foremost, the Nearsens’ solution provides premium services for a simple but complete solution.

A solution made for loved ones, for others,but also for myself.

Photo of Mathieu Vafadar

Mathieu Vafadar

Co-founder – CEO

With over 20 years of experience working for global companies, I have had the opportunity to travel extensively, which has been enriching. However, it has also brought worries and concerns about the safety of my loved ones, home, and energy consumption. I often found myself wondering if the doors were locked, windows properly shut, or if there had been a burglary, water leak, or fire. Additionally, the cost of energy consumption was a constant concern, especially if I forgot to turn off the heating during my absence.

These concerns were the main driving force behind my development of a simple system that could provide me with peace of mind.

I strongly believe that the best innovations are born out of real needs, and my experience has inspired me to create solutions that make life easier and more secure for people.


“ Peace of mind is the greatest happiness „


Nearsens was born out of personal needs that were difficult to satisfy, notably because of the confusing complexity of the alarm or home automation services then available on the market. We have therefore designed a complete solution that includes alarms, energy saving devices, comfort and premium services. A solution that is easy to understand, install, and use, either from home or with a mobile application. A solution…


Why trust Nearsens?


The Nearsens solution is an exclusive solution that guarantees security and protects the privacy of its customers. Nearsens does not use or resell your data and makes it a point of honor that each function and service is secure for your use. We have designed this solution to be simple to use and scalable over time. Our teams work hard every day to add new features and make it evolve.

Our smart solution has many advantages and also stands out in many ways.