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Safety and Security for your Home

More Simple. More Complete. More Secure.

The Nearsens system is the first system really tailored to your needs. Installed in a few minutes without skills or tools, you can secure, monitor and control in a continuous way what matters the most to you, from anywhere, with unmatched simplicity for an alarm or smart home solution. Designed for those who wish to rediscover peace of mind, and transport their home and loved ones into another dimension in a sustainable way.

Created to protect, built to evolve over time...

More than 40 secure devices associated with your solution

to cover all your needs
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A complete app to govern them all

The Nearsens application makes your smart home solution very easy to use.

In a few clicks, you can manage everything or access all the information you are looking for.

The icing on the cake? It's secure and your private data stays for you and you alone.

Discover the application

Arm et disarm

From the touch of a button, it is possible to arm your alarm in the mode of your choice.

notification icon

Receive notifications 24/7

You are alerted as soon as something abnormal happens.

controler img

Control everything

Lights, devices, scenarios, doors… you can manage everything remotely.

see siren

See and hear

Cameras are your eyes and ears when you are away from home.

Anyone does not own the app?

Running out of battery? Do not panic!

Some features of the solution may work without the application. You can arm or disarm your alarm, turn your appliances on and off, open or close the door as you normally do.*

*please note that the solution need the application to be installed and setup

A stunningly easy Installation.

No cable, no work to be planned, no skills to have. You just need the app, as easy as a child's play.

Your life and your home is unique, so should be your smart home solution.

The Nearsens solution is based on security and respect for privacy.

GDPR compliant

Our website, application and products comply with GDPR rules.

Privacy preserved

Your privacy remains private and will remain so in future product developments.

Your data belongs to you

No one, not even Nearsens, can access and resell your data.

Operational at home in just a few steps

From ordering to using your solution, we explain everything to you:

step 1

Configure your custom system and place the order

Our configurator allows you to find the solution adapted to your needs and expectations.

step 2

We ship your order in less than 24 hours

If everything is in stock, our team will ship your order quickly.

step 3

Receive and configure your solution

Thanks to the application, as soon as you receive your order you can easily configure your devices.

step 4

Install your appliances in all rooms

Once configured, you can arrange the devices as you have defined in the application.

step 5

It's over! You can enjoy your solution

Simple, fast, and without fuss.

step 6

Anything you want to add? You can!

It is quite possible to add a new Nearsens device at any time, whenever you want.

The Nearsens solution adapts to all environments.

The only limit is your imagination.

Are you interested in the solution?

You can now discover more about the functionalities or the usecases.

Would you like some help?

Not sure where to start? Don't panic. Our team is at your disposal to accompany you and answer all of your questions.

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