Protect your loves ones in all circumstances


Secure what matters the most to you by providing a safe environment


Regardless of their age, our loved ones need to feel being protected at home in all circumstances. Whether we are with them, whether alone or accompanied, it is important to ensure their safety and security, ensuring that their place of life remains a serene environment.

Securing your family is what matters the most to each of us. Alerting in case of any undesirable events such as fire, intrusion, air quality, etc…, whether you are home or not is crucial for the safety of your family.


Opening detector to monitor entrances

Monitor your doors or windows by installing an Opening Detector on each of them. Not only you will be informed in case of intrusion while you are or not at home but as well if you have forgotten to close a window before leaving.

We recommend to install as many as Opening Detector on all doors and windows accessible from outside.

Smoke alarm for optimal fire detection

The Smoke Alarm increases occupant safety and reduces fire-related damage to buildings and property. In case of fire or smoke development, you will be warned immediately, even while you are away.

We recommend placing at least one smoke alarm sensor at each floor and one heat alarm in the kitchen.


Air and humidity sensors to preserve your health

The wireless Air Quality Sensor monitors indoor invisible particles harmful for health to ensure the best air quality possible.

We recommend placing one Air quality sensor at least in each of your bedrooms and living room.

Smart Lock so you never leave your kids outside

Who as never been in the situation when your kids forgot their keys at home while your are at work? You have now the possibility to unlock the door remotely to not let them wait for you outside.

We recommend to install one smart lock on your main entrance door but you can do it on any door.


Nearsens devices recommended to protect your home and belongings

Opening Detector


Heat Detector


Smoke Detector


Air Quality Sensor


Humidity Sensor


Smart Lock + Cylinder


Other optional but reassuring devices

Camera (Indoor/Outdoor)

Anticipate intrusion by monitoring day and night around your house


Tiny Indoor Camera

Monitor inside your home to confirm intrusion and call the police



Or find out directly about the devices we recommend to secure your home

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