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Our home is the place where most of us keep our most expensive belongings and important belonging. We don’t want to be in the situation where someone gets in our home without consent, whether we are absent or not.

For our safety, it is not only important to have an alarm system that is alerting us against intrusion but also a system that is protecting us and your home against fire!

Going on vacation, sleeping peacefully are simply moments for which we all dream of serenity. Installing the Nearsens system can bring you back such peaceful moments.


Opening detector to monitor entrances

Monitor your doors or windows by installing opening detectors. Not only you will be informed in case of intrusion while you are or not at home but as well if you have forgotten to close a window before leaving.

We recommend to install as many as Opening Detector on all doors and windows accessible from outside.

Compact motion detector for intrusion monitoring

Monitor any person entering a room or a defined area by positioning a motion detector. The Motion detector can detect a movement up to 10 meters.

We recommend to use at least one motion detector for each floor and at least one for each large room or corridor. It can be wise as well to position one in the entrance path.


Powerful smart Siren to scare as much alert you

Get alerted of any potential danger such as intruders, sabotage, burglars or fire. Combined with other devices, the Smart Siren is definitely an important device to alert your loved ones and your neighbors.

We recommend to install at least one Smart Siren per floor and even several if your house is large.

Optional outdoor and indoor cameras for increased security

See what’s really going one outside or inside your home at any time. Outdoor cameras will monitor what is going on in the surroundings and be dissuasive, whereas indoor cameras will allow you to monitor inside while you are away.

Indoor cameras associated to a smart plug can fully preserve your privacy.

Nearsens devices recommended to protect your home and belongings

Opening Detector


Smart Siren


Motion Detector


Smart Keypad


Other optional but reassuring devices

Camera (Indoor/Outdoor)

Anticipate intrusion by monitoring day and night around your house


Tiny Indoor Camera

Monitor inside your house to confirm intrusion and call the police


Smart Plug Mini

Simulate presence at home even without being there



Or find out directly about the devices we recommend to secure your home

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