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Protect your wine cellar


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A wine cellar at the right temperature, with the right humidity level is an ideal place for the conservation and maturation of your wines. The ideal wine cellar is unfortunately very rare but the Nearsens solution can help you in this direction.

A view of old bottles of red wine in row in the wine shelf

Protect your wine cellar


Save energy

Daily Comfort

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A constant temperature between 12 and 18 ° C remains the best way to get better wine quality.

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Humidity between 60 and 80% is a fundamental factor for an excellent wine aging.

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Prolonged light exposure can impact the wine quality, especially in case of white wine.

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Some Important factors

Humidity is the elementary factor for good wine preservation. The value should ideally be between 70 and 80% without however exceeding 90% and falling below 60%. A cellar that is too dry will make the corks permeable and your wine will lose its aromas as it oxidizes. However, a cellar that is too humid will damage labels and corks in the long run.

In addition, a controlled temperature remains a good ally to keep your precious beverages over time. Sudden temperature variations are obviously to be avoided because they could directly impact the quality of the wine.

The perfect wine cellar

By controlling the hygrometry and temperature of your wine cellar, you cover the minimum requirements to ensure correct conservation and maturation of your wines. However, other parameters such as light and vibrations can play an important role in the long-term development of your essences.

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A view of several bottles of red wine in row

Cellar burglary

The 2019 “Living environment and safety” survey report available on the French government website, 17% of thefts concern the cellar, the garage, or the storeroom. It is therefore recommended to secure this coin if the value exceeds a certain amount.


Protect an electric wine cellar?

It is possible too! While most electric wine cabinets are already well equipped, it is possible to ensure that they are working properly thanks to [Relax plug] and thus to be alerted in the event of an outage. If the cellar is not equipped with a humidity controller, it is also possible to add a [Humidity sensor] to allow humidity and temperature control.


Insure your wine against theft?

­­Specific to each home guarantee, it is sometimes possible to extend these guarantees so that your insurance policy also covers your wine cellar if it has a value greater than € 50,000. Only breakage and breakage are optional. One of the conditions that the insurer may impose is to equip and secure your cellar (with a Nearsens system for example). Also remember to keep the invoices of the bottles you bought and (even if it seems difficult) to take photos regularly to have the evolution of your stock. Please note, the deterioration of the wine is not guaranteed by the insurers.



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