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Carry your alarm system


Save energy

Daily Comfort

Have you ever imagined carrying your alarm system with you? Protect where you stay for a weekend or for several days, move around and reinstall the system every time in seconds.

Carry your alarm system


Save energy

Daily Comfort

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Light weight


Installation in seconds

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Multiple possibilities

Protect yourself in seconds

With a simple internet connection or GSM coverage (*), you simply need to plug in the gateway and position a few motion detectors and possibly one or more sirens if you want to scare off the intruder.

You can secure any place, whether it is a hotel room, a vacation rental, a mobile home …

You can also add fire detectors if you also want to protect the occupants or even simulate a presence by using a smart plug.


(*) 2G and 4G global coverage however frequencies should be checked to ensure compatibility.

Very localized protection

You can even if you wish to secure more precisely a suitcase or a bag which must be opened only by you remain closed. You will simply have to position a motion detector inside, and you will be alerted by the intrusion app. Eventually the siren will sound to scare the thief



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