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White 2-in-1 humidity and temperature sensor Nearsens with bathroom on the background
Nearsens Humidity black Icon

Humidity sensor

The wireless Humidity Sensor helps maintain the ideal comfort level and protect the interior. Does not work without the Nearsens Gateway


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Nearsens Humidity black Icon

Humidity sensor


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Nearsens Humidity black Icon

Humidity measurement

Just insert the battery in the Sensor and add it into your Nearsens App

Nearsens Humidity black Icon

Temperature reporting

Integrated temperature measurement sensor

Nearsens Humidity black Icon

Easy mounting and installation

Just insert the battery in the sensor and add it into your Nearsens App

Nearsens Humidity sensor

Supervise indoor climate

Extreme level of temperatures and humidity can freeze pipes, cause leaks, encourage mold, and result in cost-intensive damage. Condensation and mold often form when certain rooms become too damp and humid.

The Humidity Sensor protects buildings and belongings by monitoring temperature and humidity levels. Additionally, it will alert you in case the indoor humidity fluctuates to undesirable levels.

By supervising the indoor climate, the wireless Humidity Sensor helps maintain the ideal comfort humidity level and protect the interior, electronics, musical instruments, furniture, artwork, and any other humidity-sensitive household item.

Wireless monitoring of indoor humidity

No wires icon white

No wires

The device can be placed wherever you wish: either screwed, stick on a wall, or freely placed

Plug and Play icon white

Plug and play

Follow the installation instructions in the Nearsens App and your system will be operational in a few minutes

Nearsens Humidity sensor
Accurate measurements white icon

Accurate measurements

Precise humidity, temperature measurements and reporting

Multiple Ways Icon white

Multipurpose sensor

The sensor features long range, and accurate temperature and humidity reporting

  • Dimensions (W x H x D)

    70 x 70 x 21 mm
  • Range

    Max. 100 meters (outdoor)
  • Colors

  • Temperature

    Resolution: 0.5 °C
  • Communication

    Zigbee 3.0 certified
  • Humidity

    from 0 to 100% RH
  • Environment

    0 to 50 °C, IP20
  • Power supply

    2 x AA batteries, 5 years

Act before degrade

We are not fully aware how devastating could be the degrade caused by humidity in places such as bath rooms or kitchen. This type of phenomenon usually occurs when the ventilation is defective or when the home is not properly ventilated.

If you see moisture stains and traces of mold in bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, it may be condensation. This is formed by the sudden presence of large amount of water vapor that cannot be released properly.

As a result, the water vapor settles on the walls and forms spots. The mold comes little by little degrading the whole structure. Act before it is too late and monitor humidity level of your home even remotely.

A man surprised pointing finger on the wall full of mold because of humidity

Preserve your wine

Wine cellar or wherever you keep your wine must have the right humidity and temperature level. Humidity is the elementary factor for good wine preservation. The value should ideally be between 70 and 80% without however exceeding 90% and falling below 60%. A cellar that is too dry will make the corks permeable and your wine will lose its aromas as it oxidizes. However, a cellar that is too humid will damage labels and corks in the long run.

In addition, a controlled temperature remains a good ally to keep your precious beverages over time. Sudden temperature variations are obviously to be avoided because they could directly impact the quality of the wine. The Humidity sensor will give you both in one shot then you can decide how to adjust if necessary.

White smartphone displaying Nearsens app with focus on the bathroom humidity tile
Nearsens app humidity temperature white icon

Humidity and temperature

Additionally to the air quality you will get information on the temperature and humidity level

Battery level warning white icon

Battery level

You can check if the battery is low or fully charge

What is possible to do with this device

The Products

Nearsens White heat sensor device

Heat alarm

Optimal Heat Detector


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White smoke alarm sensor Nearsens

Smoke alarm

2-in-1 Smoke Detector for optimal fire detection & temperature measurement


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2-in-1 white air quality and temperature sensor Nearsens

Air quality sensor

3-in-1 precise air quality sensor, humidity & temperature


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