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Nearsens Gateway with living room on background
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The Smart Gateway is the brain of the system that enables you to get the ideal configuration. The Gateway has been conceived to keep the entire system evolving over time without having to replace it.


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Nearsens Gateway black icon



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Nearsens Gateway black icon

Always present

The gateway has both local and central storage, communicates in Ethernet, Wi-Fi and GSM

Nearsens Gateway black icon

Battery backup

The Gateway has a battery backup to still be operational in case of power failure

Nearsens Gateway black icon

Easy installation

Plug, follow the easy installation step and it just works in a few minutes

Nearsens Gateway

The heart of the system

The home owner is in charge! Expand the smart home with as many components as you like, the Smart Gateway is crucial to create your customized system and maintain connection between all your installed devices.

The gateway includes a powerful processor to allow implementation of every complex local intelligence. It is designed to be cover a wide variety of use cases. Just pick up the one you are interested in and your dream will become true…

* Remote connection without subscription included

All-in-one solution for Security, Safety, Smart and Care

Nearsens always on white icon

Always connected

This Smart Gateway has both local and central storage. Communicates on Wi-Fi and GSM (2G and 4G)*

Hours battery backup white icon

Battery backup

The Smart Gateway has an internal battery backup in case of power shortage

Nerasens Gateway
Always updated white icon

Always updated

Making sure the system has the right software is not the responsibility of homeowners

Protects end users icon white

Protects end-users

Data traffic is stored locally and protected by security operators

  • DIMENSIONS (W x H x D)

    111 x 111 x 29 mm

    Max. 100 meters (outdoor)


    Zigbee, Bluetooth

    Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 2G/4G

    4 hours

    0 to 50 °C, IP20

    5V power adaptor

The brain of the entire system

The Gateway is the brain of the entire system. It is the one coordinating activities between all devices receiving and transmitting data to users.

The maximum data security between communication is provided by using 256 bit AES ciphering system which is mainly used in bank security system.

The most advance technology

The Nearsens Gateway is using the most advanced and reliable technology in the Internet Of Things (IOT) and this is why Apple and Google have recently adopted this technology for their future IOT devices.

Always presents

Besides, the Gateway works even without power supply. If the power shuts or someone intentionally unplugs the supply, it will continue to secure the communication for hours, keeping the system fully operational.

Additionally, the Gateway works even without internet connection. in a sens, if Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections goes off either because of an operator issue or someone intentionally shutting down the internet, it will switch to 4G immediately and secure the communication even forever (* One year of 2G/4G back-up connection included).

The Nearsens Gateway is always present and will never let you down!

White smartphone displaying Nearsens app dashboard
Nearsens app lost power white icon

Lost of power supply

You can ensure that the Smart Siren is properly connected to the power supply

Battery level warning white icon

Battery level

Real time battery level monitoring. Get alerted in case of any event

Nearsens app broadcast management icon

Broadband connection

Information about your connection to Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 4G and get alerted if you loose one of them

Nearsens app access white icon

Access management

Grant and remove 3 different level of access to whom and timeframe you wish

What is possible to do with this device

The Products

White 2-in-1 motion and temperature sensor Nearsens

Motion detector

2-in-1 Compact Motion Detector & temperature measurement


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White window door opening detector Nearsens

Opening detector

Easy to install 2-in-1 Opening Detector & temperature measurement


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White smoke alarm sensor Nearsens

Smoke alarm

2-in-1 Smoke Detector for optimal fire detection & temperature measurement


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White smart siren

Smart siren

Smart Siren easy to install


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White smart wireless keypad Nearsens

Smart keypad

The Wireless Smart Keypad


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Smart plug mini

Smallest Smart Plug


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Nearsens White heat sensor device

Heat alarm

Optimal Heat Detector


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White humidity and temperature sensor Nearsens

Humidity sensor

Free placement humidity sensor


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White panic SOS button Nearsens

Panic button

Light weight Panic button


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