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Have full control of your vacation house


Save energy

Daily Comfort

Even thousand miles away, protect your second home against intrusion, fire, water leakage, and much more and give a temporary access to someone local to intervene in case of problem.

Have full control of your vacation house


Save energy

Daily Comfort

Intrusion Icon black


You will know and act if anyone tries to take advantage of your absence and get inside your home

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Be informed and act quickly if fire or a sudden increase of temperature happens during your absence

Detect Leak black Icon

Water leakage

You will be notified immediately if any leakage due to seal wear or even due to a neighbor leakage in apartment

Peace of mind

Fire, water leakage, intrusion and more event could happen at your secondary home while you are absent. Those events could not only severely damage your property but also put at risk your neighbors.

No need to hire an expensive guardian taking care of your home. After you complete your holiday, just lock the door, activate the alarm, and leave your secondary home with peace of mind.

You can even simulate a presence if a burglar tries to get in your home by switching on lamps

Even your fridge and freezer are protected against malfunctioning or power cut to avoid having spoiled food and during your absence

Seasoning Rental

No need for someone to proceed check in or check out for your home you are renting miles away.

Give the tenant a time limited access and they will be able to handle everything by themselves. Your home still completely safe in case of problem. Once they checked out, remove the access by just a click on your app.

You can decide to simply switch off all cameras by a click before passing the access to the tenant in order to keep their privacy.


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