Lamp with three different dimming level with connected bulbs
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Smart Light Bulb

The Smart light bulb that can be dimmed wirelessly to create the right mood at home. You can dim this bulb and adapt the light to different activities, so you always have the right light and mood at home. Does not work without the Nearsens Gateway


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Smart Light Bulb


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Remotely controlled

Instantly turn on and off from anywhere.

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Accurate dimming

Precisely adjust the dimming for a cozy atmosphere

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Warm light

Warm white and globe opal white

IKEA Smart light White bulb compatible with Nearsens

Create the right mood at home

With a smart LED bulb you can adapt your lighting to different activities, for example by dimming down the light for a cozy atmosphere.

The LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Helps lower your electric bill because dimming the lights saves energy.

The light from this LED bulb feels as strong as the light from a traditional 60W incandescent bulb.

Dimmed wirelessly and range extender

No wires icon white

No wire-in installation

Dim your lights without a wired-in installation.

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Opal look

LED technology with an white opal globe

IKEA White smart light bulb on a blue background compatible with Nearsens
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Light colour

Warm glow for a cozy atmosphere

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Energy saving

Very good energy saving ranking A+

  • Dimensions (Ø x H)

    60 x 120 mm
  • Range

    Max. 100 meters (outdoor)
  • Colors

  • Light Color

    2700 K
  • Communication

    Zigbee certified
  • Power consumption

    8.9 W
  • Environment

    -20 to +40 °C, IP20
  • Power Supply

    230 V AC

Cosy atmosphere

When it comes to home atmosphere, light is everything. Creating a warm feeling by dimming down the lights in your living room or in the bedroom is a must that you need to have. Dimming bulbs allow you to control the lighting and create just as much as light as you need depending on what you are doing and your mood is. Practical lighting is necessary but decorative one can set a very relaxing mood in any room.

Different lamp dimming with connected bulbs lighting two vases and a glass on a table

Independently of the weather, rainy or cloudy, of the season, autumn or winter knows for its long nights and dark mornings, you can use the magic of light to create warm and cosy feeling in your home. Diffused light works the best in creating a cozy and warm ambiance. For this, simply turn off the harsh light and switch on table lamps. Depending on the size of the room, place table lamps or side lamps in each corner of the room so the warm glow will be spread out and you have enough light for your activities, whether it’s reading a book or watching your favorite series on TV.

cozy atmosphere

White smartphone displaying Nearsens app with focus on the living room lights tile
Remote Controlled Icon white

Switch On/Off Remotely

Remotely switch On or Off your appliances or lights

Luminosity Icon white

Precise dimming control

Control with a precision of a percentage the dimming of the bulb

Control all in one

Group light together and control them all at once

Nearsens app scenarios white icon

Create cozy scenario

Adjust each light individually and save the settings

What is possible to do with this device

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PLUGGED – Easy to install


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