White smart wireless keypad Nearsens with house on the background
Nearsens Keypad icon black

Smart Keypad

The Wireless Keypad includes a tag reader and allow users to enable and disable the alarm system using a pin code or a RFID tag. Does not work without the Nearsens Gateway


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Nearsens Keypad icon black

Smart Keypad


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Nearsens Keypad icon black

Tamper protection

The tamper switch detects opening of the unit to inform you in case of sabotage.

Nearsens Keypad icon black

Intelligent backlight

In the dark, the Keypad will light up when a person is within operating distance

Nearsens Keypad icon black

Easy mounting and installation

Just insert the battery in the Keypad and add it into your Nearsens App.

Nearsens Keypad white

Control your alarm system

The Keypad includes a tamper switch that detects opening of the unit, which makes it suitable for alarm systems. Also, the Keypad includes a programmable buzzer for indication of entry, exit, alarms, or any other indication. Red, Green, and Yellow LEDs are displayed for indications of alarms.

The Keypad exists in white for indoor use or in black for outdoor use. The Keypad has 16 buttons that allow you to activate the different alarm modes and it can be mounted on the wall using screws or double-sided tape.

Free placement wireless keypad

No wires icon white

No wires

The device can be placed wherever you wish: either screwed, stick on a wall, or freely placed

Tamper protected icon white

Tamper protected

The device includes a tamper switch that detects opening of the unit, making it suitable for alarm systems

Nearsens Keypad white
Plug and Play icon white

Plug and play

Follow the installation instructions in the Nearsens App and your system will be operational in a few minutes.

Backlight white icon


Includes a sensor that detects when a person is within operating distance, which will activate the Keypad light

  • DIMENSIONS (W x H x D)

    90 x 90 x 22 mm

    Max. 100 meters (indoor)

    White or Black (outdoor)
  • RFID

    Mifare reader

    Zigbee 3.0 certified

    Detection within 5 to 10 cm

    0 to 50 °C, IP20

    4 x AA batteries, 12 months

Ergonomic and transportable

Because we do not have the same habits or live in different home configuration, the Smart Keypad could be placed anywhere. It can be fixed on the wall or a movable table or beside the bed.

Additionally you can connect as many as you want to your system to prevent running around the house to activate the alarm: for instance, fix one at the main entrance and put one on your nightstand

2 diaries and a glass on a table with a lamp

Away, Night and Partial mode

Different times of the day require different types of protection. Using the Smart Keypad allows you to have all alarm modes on your fingertip. Each person using the system will have to define a personal code for the alarm, allowing all users to keep track of who has activated or deactivated the alarm. Feel free to use any of the defined and customized modes before going to bed, before leaving home, after coming back home

SOS button

Similar to the Panic button, you can trigger an SOS alarm in case of distress. You just have to push the SOS button for 3 seconds and your relatives will be immediately notified. Eventually connected to an alarm centre, a professional security person will try to reach you and trigger an emergency call in case of need.

Badge compatible

To simplify the activation or deactivation of the alarm, you can have a contactless badge for each respective user to allow for easier usage of the system.

White smartphone displaying Nearsens app with focus on the keypad tile
Nearsens app SOS white icon


As soon as the SOS button is pushed all users will receive the SOS message

Nearsens app battery level icon

Battery level

You can check if the battery is low or fully charged

Nearsens app arm disarm icon

Arming or Disarming

You get notified once any alarm mode is activated or deactivated and you will know which user triggered it

What is possible to do with this device

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