White smart siren with internal battery backup Nearsens with house on the background
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Smart Siren

The Smart Siren can emit a loud sound, making it suitable for security purpose. If intruders, burglars or other unwanted guests enter your property, the Smart Siren will emit an alarm sound and sends notification to your Smart Phone.


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Nearsens Siren icon black

Smart Siren


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Nearsens Siren icon black

Tamper protected

The tamper switch detects opening of the unit to inform you in case of sabotage

Nearsens Siren icon black

Battery backup

The Gateway has a battery backup to still be operational in case of power failure

Nearsens Siren icon black

Easy mounting and installation

Just plug the Smart Siren and add it into your Nearsens App

Nearsens Siren

Be alerted for all dangers

The Smart Siren will alert you in case of any danger. If intruders, burglars, or other unwanted guests enter your property, the siren emits a 3 kHz alarm sound and will send a notification to your App.

Additionally, the Smart Siren is linked to safety sensors. For instance, in the event of fire detected by Smoke or Heat sensors, the Smart Siren emits a different alarm sound and informs you about the immediate danger in the Nearsens App.

You always have the possibility to mute the Smart Siren directly from the App. It is advised to couple the Smart Siren with Keypad to disable the Siren even in the absence of a smartphone.

Combined siren and range extender

Hours battery backup white icon

Hours of battery backup

The Smart Siren has a battery backup, so it will still be able to communicate in case of a power cut.

Tamper protected icon white

Tamper protected

The device includes a tamper switch that detects opening of the unit, making it suitable for alarm systems.

Nearsens Siren
Plug and Play icon white

Plug and play

Plug the Smart Siren to the power, follow the installation instructions in the Nearsens App and your system will be operational in a few minutes.

Level sound configurable icon white

Level of sound configurable

Decide the Smart Siren sound settings according to your needs. Entry, Exit and Burglar alarm sound levels can be chosen as per alarm mode.

  • DIMENSIONS (W x H x D)

    119 x 49 x 23 mm

    Max. 100 meters (indoor)


    32 kHz, 90 dBm @ 1m

    Zigbee 3.0 certified

    14 hours

    0 to 50 °C, IP20

    230 V AC

A loud sound

The Smart Siren sound level is powerful and high-pitched. The emitted sound is meant to be uncomfortable enough for an intruder to do anything.

However, you have the option to make the sound level adapt to each alarm profile. 4 levels of sound are available: very loud, loud, average and pet friendly.

View of city siren through the sky emitting sound


The Smart Siren can be set to Pet-Friendly mode. The Siren alarm sound won’t be as loud as if it was set to very high but enough to alert that something is wrong.

Don’t be scared while you sleep

It is possible to adjust to a lower level the Smart Siren sound in night mode or even in Partial mode for the situation you are supposed to be in. The system won’t scare you but the sound will be sufficient enough to wake you up.

Smart Sirens! As many as you need…

You can add in a simple and fast manner as many Smart Sirens as you need; there is clearly no limitation in terms of the number of Smart Sirens you wish to add. Additionally, Smart Sirens act like repeater for your overall installation and because they have an integrated battery, they are the right choice in case you need to extend your security network. For security reasons, it is important that you hear Siren sound whenever you are present in your property and get alerted in case of immediate danger.

White smartphone displaying Nearsens app with focus on the smart siren tile
Nearsens app lost power white icon

Loss of power supply

You can ensure that the Smart Siren is properly connected to the power supply

Battery level warning white icon

Battery level

You can check if the battery is low or fully charged

Nearsens app alert everywhere icon

Be alerted from anywhere

You will receive alarm notification even when you are not at home

Nearsens app sounds level

Sound levels

Configure the sound level of the Siren for the Entry & Exit sound and intrusion

What is possible to do with this device

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