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Ezviz outdoor camera icon black

Outdoor camera

The Outdoor Camera is the world‘s first consumer security camera with a dual-lens setup. Night time color video has become a reality, even with the absence of lights. And built-in AI algorithms just made everything easier. Now you can get accurate alerts when people and vehicles appear.


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Ezviz outdoor camera icon black

Outdoor camera


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Ezviz outdoor camera icon black

Color night vision

Dual lenses and dual infrared lights to render better color images even in the lowest light conditions

Ezviz outdoor camera icon black

Customized voice alerts

Record your own voice for customized greeting or deterrence.

Ezviz outdoor camera icon black

Human/Vehicle detection

Detect the motion of person and vehicle shapes in real-time

Ezviz outdoor camera

Protects places that matter

Powered by embedded AI deep learning algorithms, the Outdoor Camera recognizes moving persons and vehicles, and distinguish those from animals, foliage, or other insignificant objects.

The camera will push real-time notifications to the user’s phone when vehicles and/or persons cross specific lines that the user drew on the application.

Outdoor Camera features a built-in siren and strobe light, and can be programmed to use them upon detecting motion-based events. Users can change the siren to a pre-recorded audio track,

AI-Powered Dark Fighter

Dual lens white icon

Dual-lens with built-in AI

Better render of color images even in the lowest light conditions

All Weather white Icon

Weather is not an issue

Whole metallic enclosure and an IP67 rating. Can withstand rainy, sunny, stormy, and even snowy days

Ezviz outdoor camera
Customized Voice Alerts white Icon

Voice alerts

Record your own voice for customized greeting or deterrence

Multiple storage solutions icons white

Multiple Storage Solutions

Choose where to save your recordings either on MicroSD card or on encrypted cloud storage

  • Dimensions (W x H x D)

    72 x 72 x 150 mm
  • Range

    Max. 100 meters (outdoor)
  • Colors

  • Max Resolution

    1920x1080 @50Hz 25fps
  • Communication

    Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Video compression

    H.264 / H.265
  • Environment

    -30 to 60 °C, IP67
  • Power supply

    DC 12V

Better than your eyes

Thanks to an algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence, the daylight is extrapolated and restituted during the night. Even in absolute dark night you will see everything as it was during the day.

Additionally the Outdoor camera can distinguish between a human body, car, pet or tree leaves and you will never get false alert. The most interesting is that you can set to get alerted for car and human body.

Not only the Outdoor camera can see well but you can as well communicate. As soon as you get alerted for an abnormal presence, you can talk through your phone to the intruder. You can even record your voice and let the camera do it for you.

For privacy and security purposes, you decide whether you want to store videos locally on SD card or send them to a secured cloud or even both at the same time.

White smartphone displaying camera videos in Nearsens app

Streaming live or playback

At anytime playing live or playback of videos history

Nearsens app advanced white icon

Advanced picture

The most reliable pictures library including date, time

Nearsens app advanced settings icon

Extended Settings

Customize everything on thought your phone: object detection, light, notification, speech, storage,...

Nearsens app storage white icon

Advanced storage

Set backup storage plan in one click and cancel at any time just through the app

What is possible to do with this device

The Products

White smart siren

Smart siren

Smart Siren easy to install


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White 2-in-1 motion and temperature sensor Nearsens

Motion detector

2-in-1 Compact Motion Detector & temperature measurement


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White window door opening detector Nearsens

Opening detector

Easy to install 2-in-1 Opening Detector & temperature measurement


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