Double clutch cylinder

With the double clutch cylinder, you can install the smartlock on any type of door allowing your to open or close your door remotely from any place around the world. Does not work without the Smart Lock and the Nearsens Gateway


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Double clutch cylinder


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Easy mounting

Replace your actual cylinder in a few minutes

Length adjustable

One cylinder fits to all doors thanks to adjustable mechanism

Shock protection

Anti-shock cylinder against breaking in

High security Suisse made

The double clutch cylinder can be install on any door to activate the door opening or closing. The cylinder is the core of your door security. Even if you posses the best locks in the world, the protection of your external doors is as good as your cylinder lock.

In most cases, burglars try to remove or disable the cylinder so they can open the lock easily. Known burglary methods are lock-drilling, snapping and bumping. Our cylinder amply meet security’s requirements and are therefore resistant to these break-in methods.

The cylinder is virtually unbreakable due to the built-in steel bridge.

One cylinder for all doors


The cylinder can be fitted on most of the doors

Double clutch

Still use the secured keys as a normal opening way

Tamper protected icon white


Shock protection to prevent break-in


Against lock drilling, snapping and bumping

  • Overall lenght

    from 67 to 82 mm
  • Closure safety

    Class 6 according to DIN EN1303
  • Indoor lenght

    35 mm
  • Number of keys

    3 keys and security card including
  • Outdoor lenght

    32, 37, 42, 47 mm
  • Color

    Nickel or brass

One cylinder for your security

A cylinder is the core of your security. Even if you posses the best locking mechanism in the world, the protection of your entry door is as good as the cylinder in it. All our cylinders are made from durable materials and with the latest technology.


White smartphone displaying Nearsens app with focus on the front door smart lock
Nearsens app alert everywhere icon

Get alerted

When the door is getting locked or unlocked, when and by whom. A 3 months history available

Nearsens app access white icon

Access management

Grant access or remove at anytime

What is possible to do with this device

The Products

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100% WIRELESS – Easy to install


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WIRED – By electrician


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